Partner with Amplify for Any App Development Project

Many businesses encounter challenges when searching for an app development firm that comprehends their software development requirements. Typically, conventional app partners tend to concentrate on immediate objectives rather than ensuring your enduring strategic prosperity.

When seeking to forge a long-term app development alliance, your primary focus should be on identifying a partner who instills confidence and possesses the appropriate development skills. With Amplify Cloud Solutions as your collaborator, you will find all the essential elements you require.

We invest the effort to comprehend your specifications, ensuring that your objectives are realistically achieved within your specified timeframe and budget constraints.


Types of Partnerships we Offer

Partnerships come in various forms, and to cater to diverse needs, we have crafted two distinct models. This ensures that you’ll discover precisely what you’re seeking.

Here are the categories of web and mobile app development partnerships we provide


This partnership model has been specifically designed for anyone interested in referring clients to us, whether they are individuals or businesses. If the deal is successfully completed, you will receive a referral commission (please get in touch with us for additional information).


If your business has app development orders that cannot be fulfilled due to limited resources or capabilities, this partnership is tailored to your needs. Within this framework, you retain control of the client relationship, while we provide support for the app development tasks.

Beyond software

We create software tailored to your individual needs.

In our role as an app development partner, our initial step is to comprehensively grasp the project’s scope and its specific demands. Upon reaching out to us, our proficient client discovery team will arrange a meeting with you to delve into the specifics.

Once we have a thorough understanding of the project requirements, we can proceed to determine the most suitable collaboration approach and initiate the project using Agile project management principles. After you’ve given your approval for the work plan and financial arrangements, we can commence with the execution phase.

Product Design Services

User Experience (UX), UI design, Wireframing, Information Architecture, and User flows.

Mobile App Development Services

Custom mobile app development services for iOS, Android and Cross-platform

Web Development Services

Highly scalable web applications using Node, Java, Python, ReactJS, PHP, HTML + CSS, WordPress, Shopify.

Why Partner with Amplify

As an app development partner, we have a track record of creating more than 100 apps spanning various industries. We approach every facet of the product development process with the utmost seriousness. This encompasses meticulous attention to detail, encompassing aspects such as app design and ensuring the scalability of your business. You can simply unwind and leave the rest to us.


12+ years in the business at your service.


Access to 150+ expert technologists.

Quality & Commitment

Proven track record and satisfaction guaranteed with dedication and involvement at all times.

Managed IT Services

Hire qualified and experienced talent for your project in a flexible way.

Are you considering improvements to UX design? Do you aim to streamline specific processes through automation?

Let us know the nature of your project, and we’ll transform your vision into reality. Our team of skilled developers and designers is fully prepared to tackle even the most demanding and complex projects.